About Us

The Airline Operators Committee Zurich is an official body consisting of airline station managers and service providers who are representing the interests of their respective companies and customers.

Our Committees

Within the AOC is the executive committee including the chairman, vice chairman, financial controller and secretaries. Additionally, we also have four subcommittee groups whose responsibilities cover: Costs & Charges, Ground Operations Facilitation & Cargo, Flight Operations and Stranded Passengers/IT. Our objective is to ensure that we are fully involved in all areas pertaining to the airport operation.

Official Voice

Another important role of the ZRH AOC is to act as an official voice on behalf of the airlines. With so many projects and changes at Zurich airport, such as “The Circle”, different renovation and construction sites, it is essential that the AOC maintains an active presence and keeps its members informed. This is mainly achieved through the regular monthly meetings held with its members and Zurich Airport representatives.


In addition, the AOC also provides a great opportunity for airline managers to regularly meet together with our airport partners and do some useful networking.

Mission Statement

Ultimately, our goal is to follow our MISSION STATEMENT: To promote a cooperative and transparent relationship with our airport partners while maintaining a focus on safety, the customer experience and costs.

» AOC Zurich Constitution (PDF)