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WELCOME to our HOTEL Partners

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We strongly urge all hotel partners to update their availability and pricing twice daily at
08:00 and 17:00 +/- 30 minutes.

Updates should be actioned regardless of whether or not you have rooms available or if your availability has not changed since your previous update. The reason for this is that pressing the “Save Item” key on your update page automatically updates the precise date/time of your last input. Our handling agents will therefore be presented with the latest information on their display.

The system can be updated at any time other than the stipulated minimum. The more often the update the more accurate the information displayed.

You can download the “Update Process” PDF on the right hand side of this page. This new document provides you with information about the system, required information and update procedures including the Stranded Passenger Alert

Should you have any questions then please contact …

Robin Simons

Thank you!
AOC, Zürich Airport